Justice League: 10 Essential Deleted Scenes

Justice League's opening weekend numbers were disappointing, and comic book movie fans knew exactly who was to blame. It wasn’t director Zack Snyder, who left the project before it was completed. It wasn’t Joss Whedon, who did all he could have done in a limited amount of time. No, it was the studio again. They were uncertain about Snyder’s vision, and then limited Whedon’s options by restricting the length of the theatrical cut.

Who can tell a cohesive story about six powerful and complex superheroes and the villain they have in common, and then throw in a resurrection and the end of days, all in a mere 120 minutes?

Following Justice League’s release, there were numerous online reports about the movie's deleted scenes. While some of the scenes weren't essential to the plot, others truly explored the characters, provided better connections with the rest of the shared universe, and combined to create a higher-quality film.

What were the deleted scenes about? Check it out here, but keep an eye out for spoilers!

Knightmare Connections

Apokolips on Earth - Knightmare (Warner Bros.)

The Knightmare scene was one of the most bewildering scenes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it could have found a better explanation in Justice League. What was the scene all about? Was it a warning from the future? A bad dream? A villain desiring to influence Batman?

According to Kevin SmithSteppenwolf attempts to lure Superman over to his side in one of the deleted Justice League scenes. The Man of Steel has a vision of Darkseid that's similar to Batman's BvS scene. This scene would have made it clear that these visions were actually attempts by the New Gods to find recruits.

The Olympian God Ares used the same trick on Wonder Woman.

Superman does snap out of it, and obviously declines to join Darkseid’s legions. Again, leaving this scene in would have been the most effective way to explain the BvS Knightmare scene. And it would have provided further details (besides that For Darkseid line) about who's behind Steppenwolf.