10 Best Spider-Man Villains

I love comic book villains. Like, a lot. A LOT, a lot. I’ve written countless articles about great fun/weird DC villains, and now it’s time to expand on that to include the Marvel side of the equation. And why not start with everybody’s favorite wall crawler? Now, you might disagree with the content or order, but it’s just my opinion. There’s no such thing as an objective value judgment about which comic book bad guy is better. But here’s my personal list of favorites. Please enjoy!

Source: whateveraspidercan.com

10. The Chameleon

As the first costumed villain Spider-Man ever fought, The Chameleon has always held a special place in my heart.

Dmitri Smerdyakov (I DARE you to spell that name without checking Wikipedia) was a Russian spy. Instead of screwing with international presidential administrations, however, Dmitri began stealing the plans for a missile defense system. He used his skills as a master of disguise to impersonate Spider-Man, framing the wall crawler for his own criminal activities.

After being defeated, he returned to sic his half brother, Sergei Kravenoff (aka Kraven the Hunter), on the web slinger. Although he’s gone up against Iron Man and the X-Men before, he always finds his way back to Spider-Man. The Chameleon doesn’t get nearly enough credit as a classic Spider-Man foe, and he's really underused.

If you’re looking for a good Chameleon tale to keep you busy, I’d recommend Pursuit, in which Spider-Man tracks down the master of disguise after Chameleon builds two robot duplicates of Richard and Mary Parker, just to mess with Spider-Man. It’s good.