10 Best Batman Family Members

Oh, Batman, who DOESN’T love you? As many internet words have been written about him as there have been about Jesus, if not way way more. So let’s look at his supporting cast to find the best members of the Batman Family and shower them with the praise they so rightfully deserve. Because when you follow the Bat, you do tend to have an insane life.

Source: dccomics.com

10. Selina Kyle (Catwoman)

Selina Kyle was an orphaned street urchin who survived on the streets of Gotham City.

As an adult, she took up prostitution, because Batman: Year One was a Frank Miller comic, and Frank Miller doesn’t know how to write a lady unless she spends half her time on her back and the other half collecting money (No shame to sex workers; it’s just that maybe Frank could stand to improve his range a bit).

While in this lifestyle, she met and trained with Ted “Wildcat” Grant and...OH, WAIT, Zero Hour means the prostitute thing is no longer in continuity. Fine, cool.

She would later become a costumed cat burglar and run afoul of the Batman. They dueled on and off for years, but she took on a more romantic role in his life and eventually became a fully fledged ally. An ally who occasionally robbed museums for ancient Egyptian cat statues, but still.