Wonder Woman Runtime Revealed; "Wonder-ful" MTV Movie Awards Surprise!

If you're wondering how long the Wonder Woman movie will be, the good news is that we can now tell you! Warner Bros. has yet to make an official announcement, but two other sources agree on the June 2, 2017 release's runtime.

Consumer Protection BC, a Canadian not-for-profit corporation that protects consumers and encourages a fair marketplace in British Columbia, posted on their website that the first standalone movie for the Amazon Warrior Princess will be 141 minutes, or 2 hours 21 minutes, long.

Tickets for the Patty Jenkins flick went on sale several days ago in the UK. Reddit user @IAmBatman412 posted a screenshot of the ticket receipt that confirms that the movie is 141 minutes long. Check out the screenshot below!

Wonder Woman UK ticket receipt Wonder Woman UK ticket receipt (Photo Credit - @IAmBatman412/Reddit)

If we were to arrange the DC Extended Universe installments in order from longest to shortest, Wonder Woman would fall into the third spot, below Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (151 minutes) and Man of Steel (143 minutes), but above Suicide Squad (123 minutes).

We recently learned that an exclusive sneak peek at Spider-Man: Homecoming will air during the annual MTV Movie and TV Awards.

In addition, Gal Gadot has taken to Twitter to announce the arrival of a "wonder"-ful surprise. We've seen numerous TV spots for the movie over the last couple of months, so it’s unlikely that another one would be much of a surprise, unless it’s an extended spot loaded with new footage. The first clip was released during Chris Pine's recent guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, so there’s a fair chance that another will drop when Gadot attends the upcoming awards show.

The surprise could also be the movie's final full-length trailer. We only have to wait a few hours to find out, and we can gaze at this shot of Diana Prince on GranCinema magazine's latest cover until then!

New magazine cover featuring Wonder Woman New magazine cover featuring Wonder Woman (Photo Credit - GranCinema)

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