Villains for the Netflix Punisher Series

According to multiple reports on the web, a first villain was cast for the upcoming The Punisher series on Netflix. Reportedly, Ben Barnes will portray Bobby Saint, after the same character appeared in the Punisher film starring Thomas Jane. Hopefully, he is just one of the show's villains, because he isn’t exactly one of Frank Castle’s most well-known enemies.

And, thank goodness, there are quite a few villains in Punisher’s rogues gallery that could prove to be more serious threats for the anti-hero, while also being more interesting to see on the small screen. It would be peculiar for Netflix to go with this villain, especially since Daredevil and Jessica Jones entered the stage with top-notch enemies from the comic books.

So which villains would be better for The Punisher TV show? Well, basically, anybody other than Bobby Saint. But let’s check out the most interesting ones!