Venom: Reid Scott in Negotiation; New Details on Riz Ahmed’s Character!

With filming expected to kick off later this month, Venom has added Reid Scott to its cast roster. Scott's known for his role as Dan Egan in the HBO political satire series Veep.

According to Variety, Scott is in negotiations to join the cast of the Tom Hardy starrer, which is scheduled for release on October 5, 2018. His character's identity and his role in the story are still under wraps. Sony has made no comment on the negotiations.

In addition to his role in the HBO series, the 39-year-old actor has appeared in television shows such as ABC's It's All Relative, TBS' My Boys, and Showtime's The Big C. He also starred in the movies Cool Ideas (2006), Losing Control (2011), Slow Learners (2015), The Veil (2016), Dean (2016), and Home Again (2017).

Variety also shared this interesting tidbit about the Ruben Fleischer flick: There’s no possibility that Spider-Man will show up in Venom, but the studio has “left the door open for Venom to possibly appear in other Spider-Man related movies”.

Riz Ahmed is not playing Carnage in Venom! Riz Ahmed is not playing Carnage in Venom! (Photo Credit - HBO)

Justin Kroll, who wrote the Variety piece, shared some additional information about Riz Ahmed’s role in the upcoming superhero movie. It’s been heavily rumored that Ahmed will play Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, but the film reporter tweeted that that's not the case. He described Ahmed's character as “an Elon Musk type” who owns the lab where the Symbiote is presumably being held. Check out his tweets below!

Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate will join Hardy, Ahmed, and Scott in Venom. Williams is the leading lady, who's described as a district attorney and a possible love interest for Eddie Brock. Based on this information, this character could be Anne Weying. Slate is reportedly playing a scientist who probably works for Ahmed’s character.

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