Underrated Batman Villains

Not that long ago, I decided I wanted to do a list of my favorite Batman villains that no one seems to give any love to, and people seemed to agree with me. But I love weird DC villains a heck of a lot, so I thought I’d delve in deeper to pull out some REAL weirdos - my favorite criminally underrated Gotham City criminals.  The ones that make The Joker look like a joke, the BEST UNDERRATED BATMAN VILLAINS. Citizens of Gotham, pray you never run into one of these crazies.

Source: dc.wikia.com

Calendar Man

I legitimately don’t get why Calendar Man is seen as a joke.

Like, crime-ing based on holidays is really not that much weirder than doing so based on riddles or the number two. They’re honestly about on par. But Julian Day really likes dates. Not the kind you go on with someone you care about, the kind on the calendar. Julian, uh, doesn’t see too much of the first type.

He instead prefers to put together high-tech costumes and contraptions to strike on holidays. Which is legit impressive. Like, have you ever tried to hit a hard deadline, because Calendar Man excels at that. I mean, if the dude is one day late, his entire plan is for nothing. No one wants to see a giant evil robot Santa on December 26th. You miss that date, and three months of planning is down the drain.

Say what you will, but the dude has his stuff together.