Wonder Woman Vs Captain Marvel: Who Wins?

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A lot of comic book fans like to discuss who would win in fights between DC and Marvel characters – Superman and Thor or Batman and Wolverine, for example – but it’s very rare that fights between female characters from each brand are discussed.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take arguably the two best known female characters from each company – Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel – and pit them against each other – and we want to know what YOU think about who would win (assuming that both characters were going all-out to do so).

We’ll give our views on the matter by breaking down their different powers and comparing them to each other, but the main point of this article is that we want to hear from YOU in the comments.

Note that Captain Marvel AKA Carol Danvers has operated under different names (Ms. Marvel etc), but generally with the same powers, so feats under all her guises are applicable (except, as Binary, she had better energy-based power showings). Here are our thoughts.


Both Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel possess great strength, but there’s little doubting whose is the greatest.

Wonder Woman was lifting entire temples when she was a little girl, she has held back forces that would otherwise have destroyed entire planets, it has been said that a punch of hers at 10% of her capacity could fire an opponent to Pluto, she has lifted the Spectre himself (he is said to weigh a near-infinite amount), she regularly tussles with Superman-level characters, has pulled Martian Manhunter out of a black hole and she has specifically stated that she’s never found an upper-limit to her strength.

Captain Marvel has used various vehicles as weapons (both melee and projectile) such as cars and trucks (it almost seems to be her “thing”), while she has deflected a tank that was flung at her, lifted a train whilst weakened, supported the weight of a very large building and punched hard enough to knock the likes of Stature out.

Captain Marvel’s strength is impressive, but it’s not even close to being as impressive as Wonder Woman’s.

Winner: Wonder Woman.


Again, both characters have incredible levels of durability and, while it’s a closer run thing than their strength levels, there is a clear winner again.

Wonder Woman’s durability has allowed her to survive black holes, she has tanked nuclear bomb explosions, easily shrugs off energy blasts from characters as powerful as Circe and regularly takes hits from characters as strong as AmazoDoomsday and Ares (and she even took a sucker-punch from Power Girl without being hurt).

Captain Marvel has survived orbital re-entry and the resulting crash from outer-space, she has used her body to absorb the impact of a train crash, she has survived a number of huge explosions and take punches from characters as strong as Wonder Man.

There’s no doubting that Captain Marvel could take a lot of punishment – it’s just that she couldn’t take anywhere near as much as Wonder Woman.

Winner: Wonder Woman.


Simply put, this particular round isn’t even a contest.

Wonder Woman was given the speed of Hermes at her birth and, as a result, has been able to impress Mercury himself with how fast she is. She has actually entered the Speed Force under her own power – which generally takes moving faster than light to do. She regularly blitzes characters as fast as White Martians, is as fast as Amazo (who generally has the powers of everyone in the Justice League) and, obviously, she very casually deflects or dodges bullets and lasers.

Captain Marvel has dodged bullets – including swarms of them from mini-guns – relatively easily, she can fly to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere in just a couple of seconds and has claimed that her top speed is 350mph (which, frankly, is massively underselling herself).

Evidently, however, Wonder Woman is considerably quicker than Captain Marvel.

Winner: Wonder Woman.

Other Powers

Generally, both Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are depicted as being super-strong, super-fast and super-durable women who can also fly, but there’s more to both of their power-sets than that.

Wonder Woman has some telepathic abilities, the Lasso of Truth (which makes anybody caught in it only speak the truth), the Bracelets of Submission (which can deflect all manner of attacks) and a tiara that she can use as a throwing weapon. She also possesses a magical sword that can cut through almost anything and incredible fighting skills that she can utilise in battle.

Captain Marvel possesses a “sixth sense” that allows to precognitively anticipate danger, she can absorb most forms of energy which she can then use to either augment her existing physical attributes or expel as concussive blasts. She is also an adept espionage agent, pilot, marksman and hand-to-hand combatant.

Both characters also have healing factors and it’s really hard to say which of them have the better esoteric powers.

Winner: Tie.


While both of these characters are incredibly tough, they both have their vulnerabilities – although only one of them has a specific weakness.

In Wonder Woman’s case, she can be beaten down physically if the attacker is strong enough and, in spite of her having fantastic willpower, she has been mind-controlled a few times. But her specific weakness is that, if she’s tied up by a man, she becomes completely useless (specifically if he ties her Bracelets of Submission together). Moreover, if the bracelets went missing, she would go into an uncontrollable rage (it should be specified, however, that this was all mainly evident in Pre-Crisis times and not in the modern era). Some would say her main weakness is her compassion, but that’s not really relevant.

Captain Marvel has no specific weaknesses but, like Wonder Woman, she can be beaten down with enough physical force and has no real resistance to any form of mind-control.

Essentially, Captain Marvel does win this – but the fact is that Wonder Woman’s weakness can’t actually be exploited by her and therefore gives her no advantage.

Winner: Captain Marvel.


So who wins this fight? Well, remember, we want your opinions, but we have ours too.

As far as we’re concerned, the outcome here is simple – Wonder Woman is infinitely faster (to the point where she could carry out a vicious attack before Captain Marvel could even think), considerably stronger and a lot more durable than Captain Marvel. The Amazonian warrior princess from DC Comics wins easily against her Marvel counterpart.

There’s really nothing more that we have to say on the matter – the feats speak for themselves. But, by all means, give us your thoughts in the comments section – even if they do strongly disagree with us!

Winner: Wonder Woman.

What do you think? Would Wonder Woman handily defeat Captain Marvel? Or do you have other ideas? Have your say below.

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