Deadpool - 10 Things You Need to Know

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Deadpool hopes to see you this Friday, when his biopic is released - and you can bet that he'll be pissed if you don't show up!

It’s in our interest, as well, for this movie to be successful, since this will convince the studios to take a chance with edgier, not-so-family-friendly superhero flicks. We need them, and so do you!

So what can we say about this character to convince you that his movie is more than worth your while? We know that Deadpool has gathered rave reviews so far, with just a few minor hiccups along the way. So what can we say?

Well, whether you’re already in the Corps or you’re new to this, check out the following list!

Deadpool - out of nowhere

All of a sudden, the Merc with no Mouth (source Comic Book Movie)

All of a sudden, the Merc with no Mouth (source Comic Book Movie)

While he is a rather young character (having appeared for the first time in 1991), Deadpool's origins are as clouded as if he were 100 years old and suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Some stories say that he grew up in a dysfunctional family and that his father abandoned his mother and him when he was young. When that happened, his mother turned to alcohol as a solution to all of her problems - though we all know that it isn't exactly a solution. She realized that herself, but she didn't break free. In order to cope with the old and the new problems, she resorted to a sick kind of humor. This trait can now be found in Deadpool, as well.

Another origin story says he had a different kind of dysfunctional family, with his mother dying of cancer at an early age and his father constantly beating him. This led Deadpool to join some very dubious groups, with some of his friends later on killing his father.

We guess we cannot rely on Deadpool to tell his own story because of his special condition. After all, his brain is constantly regenerating and, in a way, constantly rebooting. This is also the reason why he is mentally unstable - which in turn makes him an even more unreliable narrator.

What is certain, though, is how he receives his special regenerative powers.

An experiment

Weapon X, not Weapon XI (source Marvel Movies Wikia)

Weapon X, not Weapon XI!!! (source Marvel Movies Wikia)

Keeping in line with one of his origin stories, it can be explained how Wade Wilson contracted cancer - if his mother had it, then the malfunctioning genes were transmitted to him. Facing an imminent threat, he saw the Weapon X program as his only way out - the tests were supposed to heal his cancer and give him Wolverine's regenerative powers.

So, basically, even if people say otherwise, Deadpool is not an actual mutant, but rather a mutate - someone who develops mutant-like powers only after he is exposed external stimuli (such as exotic energies or mutagenic compounds). Obviously, like all such experiments, it all went bad to a certain degree.

Wade Wilson did receive regenerative powers (even more enhanced than Wolverine’s), but his cancer wasn't healed. The same powers also helped his cancer cells spread even more. As the movie says it, this made him completely death-proof and completely unf**kable (although in the comics there is a whole other reason why he cannot be killed).

So things went completely wrong with the experiment, even if he was able to heal from any wound afterwards.

The name

With papa Deathstroke (source Schmoes Know)

With papa Deathstroke (source Schmoes Know)

Back when the character was first created, he bore so many similarities to DC's Deathstroke that his creators decided to name him Wade Wilson - an inside joke, since Deathstroke's real name is Slade Wilson. Obviously, as the timed passed, the two characters parted ways as far as their similarities are concerned.

Pretty interesting, right? We say that because Marvel has done this quite a few times until now (draw inspiration from other comic book publishers), only to develop characters more iconic than their counterparts.

Returning to Deadpool, the origin of his hero name is also a pretty interesting one. During the Weapon X program, the volunteers (who didn't necessarily volunteer themselves) knew that the rate of success was pretty low. And so did the guards. So the guards used to bet on who would survive and who would die. Obviously, the guards always won - until the arrival of Wade Wilson, who survived despite the odds.

The game played by the guards was a death pool. So Wade Wilson became Deadpool.

The immortality

Thanos, also known as The Mad Cockblocker (source Comic Vine)

Thanos, also known as The Mad Cockblocker (source Comic Vine)

As we’ve mentioned, when becoming Deadpool, Wade Wilson didn't heal his cancer - however, he received regenerative powers which, in a sense, dwarf those of Wolverine (who is the most well-known mutant to have these powers). Thus, this character can regenerate massive amounts of tissue - at times, he’s even donated his organs to those in need, simply because he’s able to regrow others.

For him, the sky is the limit - if his appendages or other body parts are detached, he just needs to place them back where they go. He'll be good to go in no time at all.

But this isn't all - while his powers are off the charts, the Weapon X program didn't actually make him unkillable. Instead, it was all the Mad Titan's doing. As everybody knows, Thanos loves Death (she is a female in the marvel comic book universe). He loves her so much that he was willing to kill the entire universe for her.

But the problem was that Death was infatuated with Deadpool (what skeleton wouldn't be?). Thanos found that out and saw in the anti-hero a possible challenger for the (bony) hand of Death. So he cursed him with eternal life - in this way, Deadpool will never feel Death's loving embrace. Sure, regeneration is an awesome ability - immortality is even better!

Deadpool killed the Marvel universe

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (source Reddit)

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (source Reddit)

Sure enough, Days of Future Past seems like the best way in which the Mutant Movie Universe can be rebooted. And Fox has done that, quite successfully, actually - thus now we have Deadpool and Gambit solo movies, as well as Apocalypse and X-Force movies down the pipe.

But another, and even more interesting, approach would be the adaptation (the key word is adaptation) of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. The anti-hero is sent by the X-Men into a clinic to receive some much-needed therapy (yes, it is a clinic for mentally unstable people). But, unbeknownst to the X-Men, the doctor is secretly a villain who wants to further experiment on Deadpool (and this could be, for example, Mister Sinister in disguise). Deadpool catches on and kills him.

And then goes on a rampage, with the intention of killing all of the superheroes and supervillains in the universe. Why? Well, because he is insane. But an even better reason would be that the comic book writers are to be blamed for his condition (unf***able and bonkers), so he is out to kill everyone who could help the writers tell their stories.

Eventually, he does that and enters the real world, where he threatens the reader to come and get him. So much meta in here that our heads exploded. Speaking of which"¦

The fourth wall

He came in. (source Reddit)

He came in. (source Reddit)

While there are quite a few comic book characters who can communicate with the reader and who are aware of their condition (being just comic book characters), Deadpool is the most well-known. After all, he had more than one story-arc focused on this topic: the fact that he knows he doesn't actually exist. Kind of depressing.

But it is actually exciting from another point of view (exciting for us, the readers). Being aware of a higher plane of existence, Deadpool is one big nerd, making pop-culture references all over the place. Here’s a spoiler regarding his biopic: Colossus asks him to join the X-Men and meet Professor X - to which the Merc with a Mouth asks, which one of them? Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy?

Or, if you didn't know, he has time for everything (as a self-aware nonexistent superhero) - including for playing some WoW. In this example, he charges just like the famous WoW character who shouted his names whenever charging. Yeah. Leroy Jenkins.

As a result of this ability (if it can be called that), Deadpool is actually an extremely intelligent character, making the best out of any situation. Furthermore, he can use his main asset to piss off and distract even the most powerful characters - yes, his main asset is his mouth.

The fan

The Merc's senses are tingling (source Movie Pilot)

The Merc’s senses are tingling (source Movie Pilot)

Even if Deadpool is mostly associated with Cable or Wolverine, he is in fact well-known for other kinds of relationships (more on that later). Thus, Captain America (of all heroes) sees in Deadpool an actual hero, worthy of being an Avenger, despite having killed countless of innocents as a mercenary.

There is another connection between them, since both characters are the result of experiments. And since Wade Wilson's didn't work, Steve Rogers actually cares for him. Furthermore, Wade Wilson was always a fan of Captain America"¦

Nonetheless, he is still a bigger Spider-Man fan - after all, the red on his costume isn't just to hide the blood he spilled, but also to show how much Deadpool adores the web-crawler. But, still"¦

Deadpool, Cable, Weasel, and Blind Al

With Cable (source Comic Book Resources)

With Cable (source Comic Book Resources)

As we mentioned, Deadpool is best known for his relationship (more on that later) with Cable, since the two characters have their own comic book series. Yes, they don't always see eye to eye, but there is true friendship between them. Otherwise we don't see a reason why Cable constantly tries to convince his pal to become a hero.

Blind Al is an old lady and Deadpool's closest confidant, one who actually surpasses the hero's wittiness. Supposedly, she was in fact one of his earlier contracts - but, instead of killing her, he decided to keep her prisoner. Blind Al is now a mother figure for him, as well as a mother f"¦

Weasel is another recurring character in the Deadpool comics - he is an arms dealer, as well as an information broker. Obviously, the Merc with a Mouth made quite a few friends up until now, but these three are the most well-known.

More on that later

The Wedding (source Nerdist)

The Wedding (source Nerdist)

So what is Deadpool’s gender? Masculine or feminine? What attracts him the most? Men or women? Well, just as always with mentally unstable characters, he has no actual preference. It is all spur of the moment for him - at one moment he can really fancy a lady, only to have that moment pass.

As his writers say, he is a pansexual. He’s been involved in relationships with beings that weren't even human more than once. For example, Deadpool even broke a record for the number of heroes on a cover when he married Shiklah, the Queen of the Undead (of course, his intention wasn't to marry her at first"¦ but that's a whole other story).

Deadpool might be Ryan Reynolds"¦ Or the other way around"¦

Ryan Reynolds made it out alive (source Pop Sugar)

Ryan Reynolds made it out alive (source Pop Sugar)

This is so meta!

Ryan Reynolds is as tall and as in shape as the character. They’re the same age, have the same hair color, and even the same eye color. Even Deadpool acknowledged that in the comics!

They are both Canadian, they both have the same sense of humor, and Reynolds always wanted to be Deadpool. One is called Wade Winston Wilson, the other one is called Ryan Rodney Reynolds.

Deadpool appeared for the first time in 1991, which is the same year when Reynolds started acting.

Are these coincidences? Or is Ryan Reynolds the Deadpool of our fictional universe?

Source for the featured image: Cartoon Treasure

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