Top Hulks in Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe has a Hulk problem. One Hulk was terrifying, an unholy monster who put the fear of God into all of Earth’s greatest heroes. The second was an unfathomable upgrade. But now there’s like 12 of them, all running around smashing up the place. They reproduce like rabbits, for Godsake. So, until we hear about the first appearance of the Neon Orange Hulk or the Burnt Sienna Hulk, please enjoy this definitive ranking of as many hulks as possible.


10. Assorted Non-Main Hulks

There are many randomly assorted Hulks who have each existed somewhere in the Marvel universe. So, on with the list.

First, there was that time a bunch of Marvel heroes got Hulked up during the World War Hulks crossover event. Hulked-out Wolverine was the coolest of the bunch.

Next, we have my personal favorite, The Blue Hulk. Blue Hulk, or Blulk as I, and only I, will be calling him, was a character created only for the Audrey Loeb-penned and Chris Giarusso-drawn Mini-Hulks comics. Blue Hulk was created to be a companion to the Green and Red Hulks, who were featured heavily in the series.

There are also a couple of pre-Banner monsters who are also Hulks. One was unattractively re-named “Glop”. The other is Xemnu, the Living Hulk. Xemnu actually fought the real Hulk and the Defenders, which should have been confusing. “Hey, Hulk, come here and beat up Hulk!” Must’ve been weird.