Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes


9. Thor

To be perfectly honest, I always thought Thor would be the hardest character to pull off in live action.

Not because he’s bad, but because he’s so specific and rides on the line of ridiculousness. He’s a norse god. Who hits people with a hammer. And speaks in faux-Shakespearian dialect.

Look, I love that but it’s so darn silly on every conceivable level that it shouldn’t work. But they gave it to Kenneth Branagh who just likes making for-real Shakespearian epics and knew how to pull that into his superhero movie. People dump on the first Thor unfairly, I’d argue. But we can all agree that he more than came into his own in Thor: Ragnarok. Because holy heck if I never thought we’d get big Asgardian Thor, I one hundred percent thought we’d never get big cosmic Kirby/Simonson Thor anywhere near a movie theatre screen.

Holy crap though, we did.