Top 10 Heroes Who Failed to Make It Big

Comic Books are an interesting medium, mostly due to their perpetual nature. We’ve been getting Superman comics month in and month out since 1938, and we'll keep getting them until deforestation makes it so there’s no paper left to print them on. And then they’ll go full digital.

But not every character is a Superman, or even a Jaime Reyes. Some characters pop up, reach for the stars, and then crash back to Earth, all without making much of an impact. So here’s to them, the forgotten heroes of comics. Raise a glass.


10. Jack of Hearts

(Marvel Comics)

Y’know, even a Marvel Team-Up guest spot and a four-issue miniseries can’t make up for atrocious visual design.

That is a baaaaaaaad costume. Like, if you ever wanted to know how to make an asymmetrical costume work, this is not it.

Jack Hart was...Wait, really?

Jack Hart?

Ha! I friggin’ love comic books.

So, Jack Hart was the child of a brilliant scientist and a woman who was a Contraxian. The Contraxians are an alien race that's even too weird for the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. They have weird asymmetrical skin, like Eclipso or the characters in that classic Star Trek episode about racism.

Anyway, Hart never knew about his half-alien parentage. He lived a normal life until his mother died in a car accident and corporate rivals murdered his father. Jack then doused himself in his father’s greatest invention, a fuel known as Zero Fluid, and gained great powers to go with his Contraxian appearance.

Why Wasn’t He Bigger: Jesus, look at him. I don’t care what your origin is, that costume was going to be a trainwreck, no matter what.