The 10 Most Important Comic Book Movies


9. Batman '89

Well, here’s the progenitor of the ‘90s comic book movie boom, and the proof that a more serious (but not too much more serious) Batman adaptation could be made.

But, of course, that was because Warner Brothers learned the lesson they would forget and Marvel would learn more than a decade later: Pick your director carefully. But before Marvel was asking Shakespearean directors to helm Thor and putting the guy behind The Rocketeer in charge of Captain America, Warner Brothers was handing the Dark Knight Detective over to one of our more visually interesting directors.

While his last couple of films have been disappointing, Tim Burton has incredible potential within him. Even if his ’94 film Ed Wood wasn’t one of my favorite movies of all time, I’d still call him someone who has regularly made great movies. And his Batman is the perfect blend of source material inspiration and original vision.

Plus, give it up for Danny Elfman’s score. That main theme is the best Batman theme we’re ever going to get.