The 10 Best Invincible Iron Man Stories


9. The New Iron Age

(Invincible Iron Man #500)

Look, when you reach 500 issues, you get to throw yourself a big party and re-number everything.

And this is what seems like a big party that eventually turns out to be SUPER FRIGGIN’ CRAZY IMPORTANT as you get toward the end of the series. Series regular Salvador Larroca is joined by a platoon of guest artists to tell a dual time period story. In the present, Iron Man and Spider-Man hunt down a cyber-terrorist group trying to build an unstoppable death machine that Tony Stark doesn’t remember designing.

In the far future, Stark’s children and grandchildren fight against The Mandarin and his robotic overlord masters. Masters who look eerily like the death machine Tony’s been tracking.

The foreshadowing and set up in this one are really solid. In addition, it's mostly devoted to big fun and showy action. The kind you’d want out of a big anniversary issue. And it delivers.