The 10 Best Invincible Iron Man Stories

Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca’s run on Invincible Iron Man is easily my favorite run on the character ever. Four years of incredible comics with one unified writing and art team is something you don’t see every day. And when you do, it’s always something incredibly special. Having just read the entirety of the run in under a week, I’ve finally gotten a handle on the scope of the long run, and I found it easy to rank the best stories in the series. So buckle up, switch on the Iron Man, and launch.


10. Fix Me/The God Number

(Invincible Iron Man #501/502)

I always love it when superheroes fight each other’s villains. Seriously, ask me about Acts of Vengeance sometime. I will write four freakin’ columns on that thing. But this is the modern-day successor to that idea.

In Dan Slott’s decade defining, and still ongoing, Amazing Spider-Man run, he completely reworks Doctor Octopus as a character. Turns out, years of head trauma from getting punched in the head by superheroes has resulted in lasting terminal brain damage. Oops.

As he slowly dies, Ock maes Spider-Man’s life a living hell for a while. But he decides to get back at one other person he super hates: Tony Stark.

Trapping him in a dangerous situation, Ock tells Stark he has two options: find a way to save his life, or concede that he isn’t as smart as he pretends to be. What ensues is an intense, character driven locked room tale that really and truly shows how different geniuses can be. And it has one of the most solid endings of any arc in the series.