Ten Avengers to Keep an Eye on in Infinity War (and Where They Got Their Starts in Media)

Well, folks, Infinity War is coming up very soon. And there are a lot of characters involved we really should explore once again. After all, these characters have come so far that I want to compare where they were first adapted with what they look like now! And - trust me - there are some growing pains to be enjoyed.

Source: overmental.com

10. Star-Lord

Star-Lord! How in the hell did this dude become a household name? He started as a deeply weird comic book character who went through multiple reinventions before he found his footing post-Annihilation with the Marvel Cosmic rebranding.

That volume of Guardians of the Galaxy was popular enough that Marvel decided to fast-track it to the silver screen. And what a hit it was. But a few years before, during the final seasons of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, they decided to go cosmic and brought in the Guardians. Star-Lord was finally given mass-media representation, and the rest is history.

Well, kinda. Technically, his first appearance was a tiny cameo in the animated Planet Hulk movie, but you try getting a paragraph out of that. After the movie, Peter was much more prominent, and he appeared on the Ultimate Spider-Man before he and the other Guardians spun off into their own animated show.

Such a weird journey to fame.