Supervillains Who Almost Played Superhero Roles!

Casting a superhero for a comic book based movie or television show isn’t a very easy task. Most of those projects audition a heap of actors to come up with the desired face for the role. For example, before Christopher Reeve was landed as Supe for 1978 flick Superman, no less than TWO HUNDRED actors were auditioned for the role!

During such auditions, obviously more than one actor succeeds in impressing the filmmakers. But that doesn’t mean they can cast each of them for the superhero role. Sometimes the filmmakers are so desperate to not lose some actors that when they can’t cast them for superhero roles, they offer them supervillain roles! And eventually, those actors perform that good in their antagonist roles that it feels like they were born to play that role!

Villains vs. Superheroes Supervillains and Superheroes

That hasn’t happened once or twice, but a number of times till date! Here is a list of actors who were initially considered for superhero roles but were later picked as supervillains. And we also have some somewhat opposite stories that will follow in this post – actors who were close to playing super-baddies but ultimately grabbed superhero roles!

Let’s get started then with the list from the very next page!