Superhero Movie Characters Who Deserve Spin-Offs

This is the age of comic book movies, with Marvel and DC dominating the box office. Whether it is Disney, or Warner Bros., or 20th Century Fox, the biggest revenues are won by superhero flicks (and Star Wars, of course). Which is great – and it's even better when the stories are awesome. Of course, there are hiccups here and there from this point of view. However, it still works!

Thus, while Captain America and Iron Man, Superman and Batman, and Wolverine and Magneto steal the show every time they are on screen, they couldn’t do it without their trusty supporting characters. And, to be honest, sometimes these characters work even better than the lead – just check out Michael Peña’s Luis or even The Winter Soldier himself.

Sometimes these secondary characters are just too good to stay in the background. So which ones actually deserve their own spin-offs? Here are my thoughts about it.

And, to make it interesting, I won’t name the obvious superheroes/supervillains, such as Harley Quinn and Black Widow. And I won’t even touch Hulk! Check it out!