Sony Wants to Push PG-13 Limits with Venom

Sony hopes that Venom is just the first movie of a shared universe. Officially called Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, it is supposed to add solo flicks featuring Morbius, Silk, Jackpot, Black Cat, and so on.

This news was brought by Variety, which also notes that Sony also hopes to mimic (at least in part) the MCU formula. Thus, characters such as Venom are also expected to cameo in other Sony movies.

He's big (Entertainment Weekly)

But this is not all. Sony is also hopeful for crossovers with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And, unsurprisingly, Venom is the main contender to make such a jump. And this is great, as far as some fans might be considered.

However, this also brings into discussion the type of movie Venom is going to be.

The trailers released until now accentuated the horror element of the flick. And this has led many to suspect that it will be an R-rated film. Even director Ruben Fleischer teased it, when saying that Venom will bite heads off.

At the same time though, producer Avi Arad did say that kids love this character. In other words, Arad was saying that kids will also be able to see this movie.

According to Variety, an R-rated Venom cannot make the jump into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Given the family-friendly nature of the MCU, an explicitly violent character couldn’t fit in.

So, basically, even if horror elements will be introduced, Sony has decided that it is better for the big screen future of the character if he debuted in a PG-13 solo movie.

Furthermore, the same source also notes that the reshoots have added some more humour. And we may have already seen some scenes from the reshoots. If so, the jokes didn’t land too well.

The first look at Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock (IGN)

Venom will be released on the 5th of October.