Ryan Reynolds Talks Wolverine Cameo In Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds is knee-deep in filming and promoting, for that matter, his upcoming Deadpool in which, we all know, he plays the titular hero.

He’s been busy giving interviews and releasing pics and whatnot on his social media accounts, as if to offset the lack of a marketing machine for Deadpool.

One of the issues Ryan Reynolds addressed in an interview with News.com.au about a week ago is precisely that: Deadpool is not precisely a low budget movie, but it’s neither as subsidized as other X-Men movies have been.

Also, he talks Wolverine’s cameo in Deadpool! So hit the jump to learn the latest about Deadpool straight from lead man Ryan Reynolds!

Ryan Reynolds hopes for a Wolverine cameo

Wolverine's cameo in Deadpool Wolverine's cameo in Deadpool

When asked about the possibility of a cameo in Deadpool earlier this year, Hugh Jackman seemed opened to this idea and, actually, quite enthusiastic. He, however, didn’t confirm.

What does Ryan Reynolds has to say about that?