Rumor: Batman In Suicide Squad!

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad seems to be snatching the limelight every now and then for both pleasant and unpleasant stuff! When everything seemed to be going well, Tom Hardy dropped himself out of the movie and it seems like the actor who has been eyed as his substitute, Jake Gyllenhaal, has also denied playing the role!

However, there’s good news for the fans as the recent spoilers revealed exciting details including Batman’s appearance in the movie! If you missed that somehow, click here to check out in details! Now, ‘Forbes’ claims that they already know from their sources all that we didn’t know about the Caped Crusader’s appearance in the Suicide Squad!

Batman Appearance Not Just In A Video Footage!


The previous rumor suggested that Ben Affleck’s Batman will be appearing in a security video footage which will be viewed by the boss of the Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller. However, according to Forbes, the Dark Knight will not just make an appearance via footage; rather he’ll be making an in-story appearance at the end part of the movie allowing himself to have a set up ready for his solo venture!

Batman To Take Away The Joker To His Solo!


According to the report, Ben Affleck’s Batman cameo appearance in Suicide Squad will be followed by the incident of Jared Leto’s Joker escaping from the jail. This is assumingly the key to take away The Joker as the leading antagonist to the Batman solo movie planned by Warner Bros and DC.

The report also claims that the solo movie will have Frank Miller’s comic book series, The Dark Knight Returns, as an inspiration, third issue of which presents the Caped Crusader one-on-one with an escaped Joker. All of that is still rumor and we’ve seen a lot of rumors ending up erroneous. However, if that’s somehow true, Suicide Squad is going to be a complete cracker! What do you guys say?