First Reviews: Marvel’s Inhumans Pilot is “Simply Awful” and “Massively Disappointing”!

The second trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans was screened during last month’s San Diego Comic-Con International. It seemed a bit better than the first trailer, but it wasn’t impressive enough to inspire much excitement about the show. Sadly, the first couple of reviews for the show's pilot don’t seem to help much, either.

SpoilerTV published brief reviews for the first episode of Inhumans by two of their writers, neither of whom was overly impressed. Claiming that the pilot didn’t “live up to expectations”, one of the reviewers added:

Not even a strong cast could breathe life into the cringe-worthy script they were given. There are some decent moments, but they are few and far between. For the most part, this is a big miss for Marvel. There is still hope that subsequent episodes can save the series, but the pilot is massively disappointing.

The other reviewer, who actually liked Scott Buck’s critically panned Marvel’s Iron Fist, had this to say about Inhumans:

Simply awful. I'm so disappointed, since I generally love everything Marvel does. But this is absolutely terrible. The dialogue is atrocious. The fight sequences are shockingly choreographed. The sets (or moreso the obvious green-screen) aren't that hot either. Its only saving grace is Lockjaw, who is adorable.

The reviewer concluded by saying that the pilot was easily Buck’s “worst work yet”. Both reviewers rated it a "three" on a scale of one to ten, which signifies a MISS, as opposed to a HIT. We should mention that it’s entirely possible that other critics might fall in love with Inhumans, regardless of how unlikely it seems at the moment.

Check out the first clip from the show, featuring a moment of hostility between Serinda Swan’s Medusa and Iwan Rheon’s Maximus!

The first two Inhumans episodes will debut on IMAX screens on September 1, 2017. The show itself will premiere September 29 on ABC.

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