Ten Episodes for Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Season 1!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's small-screen venture is rapidly expanding, and Cloak and Dagger is one of the latest additions to its roster. The live-action show earned a straight-to-series order from Freeform about a year ago, but no information was given about how many episodes we'd see during its inaugural season.

Mark Endemano, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Disney Media Distribution, has now provided an update. During his presentation at MIPTV 2017, he revealed that the youth-centric show's first season will consist of 10 episodes (via MIP).

Of course, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. puts out 22 episodes each season, so a 10-episode Cloak and Dagger season might look a little skimpy. But it seems fair enough in light of the Marvel/Netflix shows with 13-episode seasons (the exception being The Defenders, with just eight episodes). The second season of Agent Carter consisted of 10 episodes, while its first season had eight. ABC’s Inhumans will have eight episodes in its inaugural season.

Endemano also spoke about the romance between Olivia Holt’s Tandy Bowen, aka Dagger, and Aubrey Joseph's Tyrone Johnson, aka Cloak:

Cloak and Dagger is about character and emotion, above all. It tells of a romance between Tandy and Tyrone in a way that we haven’t really seen before in a Marvel TV series. So think Romeo and Juliet, though I can tell you that they won’t be dying at the end of the first episode!

SPOILERS! Cloak and Dagger both make it out alive in the first episode! OMG! Cloak and Dagger both make it out alive in the first episode! (Photo Credit - Comic Vine)

The Disney SVP largely reiterated the official synopsis of the Freeform series, other than giving away the information that neither titular superhero dies in the first episode!

The cast roster of Cloak and Dagger includes Andrea Roth as Tandy’s mom, Melissa BowenCarl Lundstedt as her boyfriend, LiamGloria Reuben as Tyrone’s mom, Adina JohnsonMiles Mussenden as Tyrone's dad, Michael JohnsonJames Saito as his buddy Bernard Sanjo; and J.D. Evermore as an intimidating detective named Connors. Joe Pokaski is the series' showrunner. Filming for its pilot episode is already complete, but according to a November 2016 report, it won’t air until winter 2018.

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger is a coming-of-age series based on the beloved comic characters. Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson come from starkly different backgrounds, each growing up with a secret they never dared share with another soul.

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