Justice League’s Prince and David Bowie Easter Egg

We all know that comic book movies are full of Easter Eggs for fans to spot. Whether they're related to a specific character or an entire shared universe, they just add to the entertainment for attentive moviegoers.

Before the DC Extended Universe was even an idea, Man of Steel featured a number of Easter Eggs that referenced various superheroes.

Other Easter-Eggs feature real-life events and people. For example, Justice League will apparently feature a nod to both David Bowie and Prince, musicians who passed away in 2016, the same year that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released. Check it out below, via Comic Book!

Mysterious wave of disappearing heroes Mysterious wave of disappearing heroes

This fake newspaper links the deaths of Superman, Bowie, and Prince, saying that they didn't die, but rather went home to their respective planets. The intriguing subtitle hints that there might be more famous deaths out there. After all, it's a mysterious wave.

This is just a newspaper shown at a Justice League press event, so we don’t know the extent of the musicians' appearance in the movie, or whether they'll appear at all. But it's a very interesting way to promote the movie.

In other news, the studio has released Justice League's B-roll footage. While it doesn’t give anything away about the film, it does feature another funny exchange between Batman and Aquaman. We also get to see how they made an awesome superhero landing with Batman. Check it out below!

Superhero landing (Warner Bros.)


Justice League will be released on November 17.