Justice League: The Shortest DCEU Movie So Far?

Following an apparent reveal of Justice League's runtime, it looks as though we're in for the shortest DC Extended Universe installment to date!

Manabyte’s Jeremy Conrad reported that three different sources - who are not “even remotely connected to each other” - confirmed that the November 17 release will be exactly 121 minutes, or two hours, one minute, long. One of Conrad's sources actually saw the movie, and he confirmed that it's definitely shorter than the previous DCEU installments, including Man of Steel (143 minutes), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (151 minutes), Suicide Squad (123 minutes), and Wonder Woman (141 minutes).

Regal Cinemas, AMC Theaters, Galaxy Cinemas, and the Atom tickets app all agreed with Conrad's sources. AMC confirmed as follows:

We pull our movie information from Rentrak, and that’s currently listed as the official runtime.

The reporter shared the following screenshot of the exchange on Twitter!

Screenshot of AMC's response concerning the Justice League runtime Screenshot of AMC's response about Justice League's runtime (Photo Credit - Jeremy Conrad/Twitter)

There have been plenty of rumors floating around about the movie's length, and if they're any indication, fans were not expecting a Justice League movie that clocks in barely at two hours. Most of those rumors had the movie running as long as three hours. Even Forbes’ Mark Hughes, who debunked those rumors, suggested that the expected final range would be between 140 and 155 minutes.

More recently, Zack Snyder liked a Vero fan post that put the runtime at 170 minutes (with a question mark).  That screenshot is below (via CosmicBookNews)!

Screenshot of Zack Snyder's reaction to the fan query Screenshot of Zack Snyder's reaction to the fan query (Photo Credit - Vero/CosmicBookNews)

Perhaps it would be wiser to wait for an official confirmation. But even if there isn't one, we still have the option of finding out at the theater in less than a month!

UPDATE 1: Fandango's managing editor Erik Davis has claimed that he can confirm the runtime being 121 minutes! Check out his tweet below!

UPDATE 2: UK based theater chain Empire Cinemas claims that the movie runs for less than two hours, including the credits! Check out their tweets below!

What do you think about the alleged 121-minute Justice League runtime? Share via comments, and stay tuned for the latest updates!