Justice League: New Posters and Runtime!

Last year’s San Diego Comic Con Justice League teaser was met with a lukewarm reception (not surprising after the battering Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received), but most DC Extended Universe fans were pleased with this year’s convention trailer. Although the movie's special effects are far from being finished, the new trailer made it clear that Justice League won’t pull any punches, and that Aquaman will be the most badass superhero of the lot.

The good news is that there will be plenty of badassery! Some time ago, we heard that the movie would be more than three hours long, but Mark Hughes of Forbes now says that it will run about two and a half hours, depending on how much footage is added after reshoots are complete:


This may not be news to anyone, but we should point out that it could also mean that the Blu-ray release will include footage that won’t make it into the theatrical version.

In other Justice League news, four new posters for the movie have emerged online, featuring the entire Justice League, as well as the shadowy figure of Steppenwolf. Check them out below, via Batman News:

Unite the Seven? We only see six...

You do know this one...

Wonder Woman is in the spotlight, as she should be!

The Justice League and Superman, with Steppenwolf in the background!

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Justice League is currently undergoing reshoots and is scheduled for release on November 17, 2017.