Justice League: More Details on Trailer; New Poster and Footage Released!

Warner Bros. recently announced that a new Justice League trailer will surface online on October 8. We have additional details on that, along with some new promotional materials.

The most recent Justice League trailer was released during San Diego Comic-Con International in July 2017. It was over four minutes in length, but don’t expect the new one to run that long. Consumer Protection BC and Alberta have classified the new trailer, and they agree that its runtime is precisely two minutes, twenty-five seconds long. Alberta has it rated PG, which could be a hint that it may not include many violent action scenes.

The runtime seems quite standard compared to other full-length trailers, and offers plenty of room to inject some fresh footage. This trailer is most likely the final one for Justice League, so we should see a number of TV spots, each featuring a bit of new footage throughout the next few weeks. So, there’s actually no need for a longer trailer, unless Warner Bros. wants to deal with comments that they're again giving away too much and spoiling the movie for the fans.

Whether the new trailer spoils any surprises remains to be seen, but the studio's definitely spoiled any surprises there may have been in regard to the trailer’s arrival. Instead of being content with simply announcing its arrival date, they actually provided the exact time it would launch: Sunday, October 8 at 9 am ET/6 am PT/1 pm UTC. Their announcement was accompanied by a new poster featuring the members of superhero team. Here are both tweet and poster!

The latest Justice League poster The latest Justice League poster (Photo Credit - Warner Bros.)

We also have a new Mercedes-Benz commercial that features some never-before-seen footage from Justice League, as well as higher-resolution versions of the photos featured in Empire’s latest issue (via Batman-News). Check them out below!


Ezra Miller's The Flash Ezra Miller as The Flash (Photo Credit - Empire)

Jason Momoa's Aquaman Jason Momoa as Aquaman (Photo Credit - Empire)

Ray Fisher's Cyborg Ray Fisher as Cyborg (Photo Credit - Empire)

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (Photo Credit - Empire)

Ben Affleck's Batman Ben Affleck as Batman (Photo Credit - Empire)

Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Batman and The Flash meeting Commissioner Gordon Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Batman, and The Flash meet Commissioner Gordon (Photo Credit - Empire)

Aquaman vs Parademon Aquaman vs. Parademon (Photo Credit - Empire)

The Flash vs Parademon The Flash vs. Parademon (Photo Credit - Empire)

Share your thoughts on these Justice League tidbits, and stay tuned for the latest updates from the world of superheroes!