Iron Fist's First Appearance will be in Marvel's Luke Cage!

We recently came to know that Marvel’s Iron Fist has cast its titular superhero, and it is Loras Tyrell of Game of Thrones, Finn Jones. While we were not expecting to see the character anytime soon, it seems that we will be introduced to him sometime this year. That’s because the latest rumor suggests that the British actor will make his debut as Iron Fist in Marvel’s Luke Cage!

The rumor comes from Umberto Gonzales, aka El Mayimbe, who recently appeared as a guest on the Collider Heroes podcast. While talking about the possibility of Danny Rand showing up on Mike Colter’s Luke Cage Season 1, the correspondent stated (via Screen Rant):

Yes, he is. Episode 13. That’s why it was announced, or else it would have leaked…They shot him last week.

It doesn’t sound odd at all, considering the connections we’ve already seen in Netflix-MCU ventures and the fact that the two superheroes have teamed up in the pages of the Power Man and Iron Fist comic book series.

However, I would still suggest taking this with A GRAIN OF SALT. Before Marvel’s Jessica Jones was aired, we heard that Charlie Cox’s Daredevil would appear in the series, and we were pretty convinced. But that DID NOT happen!

Shang-Chi won’t appear in Marvel’s Iron Fist!

Shang-Chi won't appear in Marvel's Iron Fist! Shang-Chi won't appear in Marvel's Iron Fist! (Photo Credit - Marvel)

We recently heard another rumor related to Marvel’s Iron Fist. This one suggested that Shang-Chi would appear during the first season of the series. But Bleeding Cool reports that their sources have confirmed otherwise. The Master of Kung Fu won’t be coming to the fourth MCU-Netflix venture – not at least in the first season. But like the first one, this is also a RUMOR – so, we don’t know exactly what’s coming!

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