Has Armie Hammer Landed a Role in the DC Extended Universe?

The DC Extended Universe has scheduled two or three movies for each and every year until 2020, and for every movie, they're going to have to add a bunch of actors to play various roles. And it appears that the newest member of the growing family may be none other than The Social Network and The Birth of a Nation star Armie Hammer! At least, that’s what some recent social media activities indicate!

On Twitter, some fans have noticed a few interesting developments between Hammer and people related to the DCEU. Someone noted that Geoff Johns, CCO of DC Comics and co-head of DC Films, and Joe Manganiello, who joined the universe several months ago as Deathstroke, started following the 30-year-old actor on the social media website. In return, Hammer has started following Johns.

This particular type of social media activity has proved to mean something in the past. Similar Twitter activities took place before Manganiello was confirmed as Deathstroke. So, the chances of Armie Hammer's joining the DCEU can’t be ignored now. But obviously, we shouldn't be completely convinced until an official confirmation arrives. Check out the screenshots of Hammer, Johns, and Manganiello’s  Twitter Following pages below!

Screenshot of Joe Manganiello's Following list Screenshot of Joe Manganiello's Twitter Following page (Photo Credit - Twitter)

Screenshot of Geoff John's Following page Screenshot of Geoff John's Twitter Following page (Photo Credit - Twitter)

Screenshot of Armie Hammer's Following page Screenshot of Armie Hammer's Twitter Following page (Photo Credit - Twitter)

This isn’t the first time that Armie Hammer has been linked to the world of DC movies. Back in 2007, George Miller signed him to play Batman in Justice League Mortal, which was eventually canceled due to a writer’s strike.

Geoff Johns is penning the script for The Batman with Ben Affleck, and Joe Manganiello is set to portray Deathstroke in the same movie. So, one might assume that Hammer has landed a role in the movie. But since Johns is overseeing all of the DCEU projects, and Manganiello is rumored to appear in Justice League, we might get to see him in the universe sooner than The Batman.

Hammer might even be playing Green Lantern Hal Jordan in Justice League. At least, the latest artwork from BossLogic is arresting enough to make us wish for it! Check it out below!

Fan-art - Armie Hammer as Green Lantern Hal Jordan Fan-art - Armie Hammer as Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Photo Credit - Twitter)

Do you want to see Armie Hammer become part of the DC Extended Universe? If yes, which character would you like him to play? Share via comments!