Gina Rodriquez Wants to Play America Chavez in the MCU!

Marvel Studios appears to be making an earnest effort to meet the standards of diversity with Black Panther, their first standalone movie for a black superhero, and Captain Marvel, their first female superhero standalone movie, which are scheduled for respective release in 2018 and 2019. If they're seriously committed to better representing the current world situation in regard to gender, race, and sexuality, they should really consider introducing America Chavez, a Latin-American LGBTQ superhero, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If they decide to adapt the character in a live-action movie or television series, they might want to consider signing Gina Rodriguez for the role, as she is already campaigning for it. The Jane the Virgin star recently joined Doctor Strange co-writer Jon Spaihts and others for the SXSW Hacking the Script: Disrupting Diversity in Hollywood panel. During the panel, Rodriguez expressed her love for the MCU, and went on to reveal that she was eager to land a Latina lead role in the franchise.

When Geeks of Color asked her about America Chavez, the actress “immediately jumped with excitement”. She revealed that she was a fan, and that she already told her manager to seek out an audition as soon as Marvel starts looking for an actress to play the part. According to the outlet, the Filly Brown, Sleeping with the Fishes, and Deepwater Horizon actress is definitely familiar with America Chavez, as she also mentioned Gabby Rivera’s new solo series featuring the superhero.

America Chavez, aka Miss America America Chavez, aka Miss America (Photo Credit - Comic Vine)

In Marvel Comics, America Chavez was the second character to take up the mantle of Miss America. She is able to inter-reality transport and fly, in addition to having superhuman strength, speed, and durability. Rodriguez has the potential to pull off the character. The only hindrance may be her age, since the character is usually depicted as a teenager and the Golden Globe-winning actress is currently in her early thirties.

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