Gifts Say He Is The Joker!

Jared Leto plays The Joker in next year’s second DC flick Suicide Squad – that’s nothing new! We’ve seen the first-look at the actor as the Clown Prince of Crime and then a whole lot of leaked images and videos from the set. So, we pretty much know how his version of The Joker looks and moves.

But what we didn’t know is that this Oscar winning actor has taken his role much more seriously than we might have assumed! He seems to be living in his character these days! That’s what we get to know from Adam Beach - the man who plays Slipknot in the movie.

Actors needed to do something beyond expectation while portraying The Joker isn’t a new story. Heath Ledger had locked himself in a hotel room for a month before the filming of The Dark Knight begun to get into the character. Even the kid – Cameron Monaghan – who played the younger version of The Joker earlier this year in Gotham had to practice for weeks for the few minutes long scene he played.

While sharing to EOnline his experience of seeing Jared Leto as The Joker in person, Beach states:

"He encompasses this beautiful man and he shows it in, 'Hello, how are you?,' but in an instant, he goes to psychotic behavior where you're in fear. But you love him because he has both of those genuine sides."

But that’s not the most stirring part of sharing about Jared Leto and his character. Beach reveals that Leto is so incredibly in his character that he sent some gifts to his Suicide Squad co-stars that none other than The Joker would send!

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