First Look at Venom!

A recent rumor suggesting that we'd have our first look at Tom Hardy as Venom in the very near future turned out to be completely accurate. IGN just published a shot of the actor as Eddie Brock in full journalist mode. Prior to this, we'd seen a couple of on-set images, but this shot was the first official photo from the Venom movie, which is likely to cover the main character's origin story.

Check out the Eddie Brock photo here:

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock (IGN)

Drawing from the Lethal Protector comic book series, Venom will feature not only Venom and Carnage, but other Symbiotes as well. And Lethal Protector isn't the  film's sole source of inspiration. At December's Brazil Comic-Con Experience, Sony screened a small clip as director Ruben Fleischer joined Hardy in a fan Q & A session. They revealed that Planet of the Symbiotes was also an influence.

Nonetheless, we still have no specific information on Venom's plot. And while Hardy commented that Venom is important among fans and within the Marvel Universe, we're not sure whether we'll see Spider-Man in the movie. That's a valid question, since the web-crawler figures in the storylines mentioned above.

Planet of the Symbiotes (IGN)

Michelle WilliamsJenny Slate, and Riz Ahmed will star alongside Hardy in Venom, which is scheduled for an October 5, 2018 release.