Feige Confirms [Spoiler] in Thor: Ragnarok!

When Thor: Ragnarok was released in the US, it had already made $164 million worldwide (without being released in China), and that nearly covered the movie's reported $180 million budget. On top of that, after grossing $14.5 million on Thursday, Thor: Ragnarok is looking at US debut weekend earnings of approximately $120 million. So Marvel already has its third hit for 2017.

Taika Waititi - who had directed only low-budget films until Justice League - has apparently done the impossible. He continued the arcs of heroes we already knew, introduced new ones, adapted beloved storylines, and set the stage for the Infinity War.

Check out Kevin Feige's recent Infinity War reveal. But be warned that this is a big Justice League spoiler!

Thor: Ragnarok (Marvel)

In the mid-credits scene, Thor; his allies Bruce Banner, Valkyrie, and Heimdall; and the surviving Asgardians are on a spaceship following Surtur's destruction of Asgard. However, as they travel through space, their path is blocked by a much larger ship. The scene doesn't show the ship's owner, but fans are speculating that it's Thanos.

Feige told The Wrap that the ship is called Sanctuary II. If that rings a bell, Thanos has been seen sitting on his big throne in Sanctuary (which can now be called I). Basically, this confirms that Thor, his allies, and the remaining Asgardians aren't going to reach their original destination.

This ties in nicely with the Comic Con Infinity War footage, in which the Guardians of the Galaxy literally collide with an unconscious Thor as he floats in space.

James Gunn hints at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 starting production in 2018! James Gunn hinted at a 2018 production date for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3! (Photo Credit - Marvel)

After Feige's reveal, our next question concerns the fate of Thor’s companions. And, as you might expect, there are already a couple of theories in circulation.

Thor: Ragnarok is finally in theaters!