Everything You Need to Know about the Announced DCEU Projects

Audiences have become accustomed to knowing ahead of time what will happen next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Warner Bros. takes a completely different approach to the same issue. What started out as a simple film (Man of Steel) with minimal Easter Eggs ended up launching a cinematic universe, and its sequel was promoted on the spur of the moment as a showdown that featured both Batman and Wonder Woman. Then the studio announced its planned DC Extended Universe movies, with titles and release dates scheduled for years into the future.

Marvel sticks to its plans (unless Spider-Man comes back home, of course). But Warner Bros. made a number of modifications in response to fan feedback that was largely based on box office numbers, along with criticism the films received. So we're not 100 percent certain whether most of the titles announced in 2014 will actually end up in theaters.

If you'd like to know what the future holds, based this erratic sort of planning, check out this list! We'll leave out Wonder Woman and Justice League, both of which will indeed be released this year, as well as Aquaman, which starts shooting next month.