Easy Steps to Make the Most of Your DCEU Experience

With three movies already released, the DCEU is looking great – but from one point of view only. The movies have proven to be wildly successful, especially if we take into account the mixed and very poor reviews they have received.

But I guess this is the whole point of the industry – to make as much money as possible. It isn’t as if anybody expects to see a comic book movie being nominated for an Academy Award in a major category anytime soon…

Anyway, the huge revenues have proven one thing: the general audiences (and some of the fans) have enjoyed these flicks. So what can we, the viewers, do to make the most of our movie-going experience? What should we take into account in order to not feel let down when finally seeing a DCEU movie?

Well, here are a few suggestions – obviously, they are personal opinions and they should be taken as such.