Dream Team: The Justice League of Batmen

The DC Universe is full of alternate realities. I’ve written about them many a time. I've always focused on great Elseworlds Batman stories, but this time I wanted to focus on the best Batman depictions. Because not every great Batman is from a Batman-centric comic. Some of them are weird odd diversions popularized by something else. And I thought, “Hey, what would you get if you made a superhero team of just Batmen?” So here goes.

Source: wordpress.com

1. Vampire Batman (Red Rain Trilogy)

The Stealth

The Red Rain trilogy is not as good as you want it to be. I mean, it is a story about Vampire Batman, and that sounds rad as all hell, right? Well, slow down, cowboy, because you don’t get Vampire Batman until Part Two, and you don’t get EVIL Vampire Batman until Part Three.

If you’re gonna read one of these, I’d actually recommend Batman: Crimson Mist, the third and final chapter of the trilogy. That one is just Batman as an evil vampire massacring villains until Gordon and Two-Face and Alfred and Killer Croc team up to stop him. It’s bloody fun and avoids the faux seriousness of the first two parts. But Red Rain Batman is such a mascot of Batman Elseworlds that I simply had to include him. I mean it’s Batman. As a vampire.

Team Role: The Stealth.

Well, Red Rain is a bit of a wild card, so he should be used only in reserve. For the team, the version from Chapter Two: Bloodstorm, would most likely be the best, since he’s not a murderer and is still fighting his transformation. But The Vampire would be best suited to stealth missions, and could work well in that capacity.