Deadpool and Mother’s Day

Everybody loves Deadpool – the movie hasn’t even got out yet, we don’t have a trailer, all we have are just behind the scene pics, and still everybody loves him. How come? It is all because of star Ryan Reynolds and the topnotch marketing campaign, both of which are following the superhero’s personality to the letter.

The comic book letter, that is – after the awesome announcement of the rating and after the first pic channeling Burt Reynolds, Deadpool was back for Mother’s Day!

Deadpool. Just Deadpool.

Draw him like one of your French girls Draw him like one of your French girls

Yesterday, to celebrate Mother’s Day, star Ryan Reynolds posted another pic with him in character, on Twitter. And he is very fond of what he is doing, pretty much like all the time. Except this time he has traded the fun of murdering with the… fun of delivering a child.

Check it out below – but know that the language he uses is not something that a child should hear.

Pretty awesome, right?

This isn’t all

Awesomest Maximus Awesomest Maximus

Sure enough, Ryan Reynolds contributes a lot to the marketing campaign of Deadpool, making it as unique as possible. So yeah, the character celebrates his own birth, as the date shows it. And the pic is right out there with the one of him sitting on the toilet and reading, what else, a Deadpool comic. But the star hasn’t twitted just that. Following the release of the Happy Mother’s Day pic, he posted a new shot, this time with him and his real mother. And if you believe that he has kept it serious all the way, then you are actually quite wrong. Check it out below.

So yes, by the looks of it Deadpool is like the dark horse of the 2016 comic book movies – there will be blood, there will be comedy, there will be the breaking of the 4th wall. After all, what else should we expect from him besides total awesomeness?