Breaking Down the Ending of Star Wars Rebels

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After “The Clone Wars,” you might have thought that the “Star Wars” universe had reached its limit. But then, along came the lovable band of misfits known as the “Star Wars Rebels” TV show to prove us all wrong. This series follows a diverse group of rebels as they embark on a mission to dismantle the Empire and join the ever-expanding Rebellion. Not only does “Star Wars Rebels” introduce us to new beloved characters like Ezra, but it seamlessly integrates existing storylines, just as we’ve come to expect from the saga. Also, keep an eye out for Sabine and Hera, as they appear to have significant roles in the upcoming Disney+ series, “Ahsoka.”

The cast of “Rebels” has stirred up a wave of anticipation for what lies ahead, largely thanks to the gripping finale that has left fans eagerly awaiting the next chapters in the franchise. While certain characters, like Hera, receive definitive conclusions that directly pave the path for new shows, others, such as Ezra, are intentionally left with ambiguous personal journeys, hinting at potentially grander developments in the future. Nevertheless, it’s the ending itself that has captivated audiences, solidifying “Star Wars Rebels” as a truly delightful viewing experience. So let’s delve into the precise details of what unfolded in the final episode, ensuring you’re up to speed.

What You Need to Remember About The Plot of Star Wars Rebels

Immersed in the classic “Star Wars” spirit of adventure, “Star Wars Rebels” takes place during the period between “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith” and “Episode IV — A New Hope.” Across its four-season run, the series revolves around a diverse assembly of rebels residing aboard the starship Ghost, who ultimately contribute to the formation of the Rebel Alliance. Set 14 years into the oppressive rule of the Galactic Empire, the show predominantly follows the Journey of Ezra Bridger, a resourceful con artist and thief determined to endure by any means necessary.

The theme of survival propels the captivating drama in “Star Wars Rebels,” as Bridger’s Journey intersects with the burgeoning Rebellion and his own path to becoming a Jedi. Amidst complex dynamics with his fellow crew members aboard the Ghost, Bridger grapples with personal family turmoil and a mysterious past. As the series unfolds, the growing presence of the Rebellion becomes increasingly pronounced, acting as a transformative “spark” destined to bring about the downfall of the Empire. Moreover, the show intertwines with the Mandalorians and other influential players in the Rebellion, including the former Padawan of Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano.

What Happened at The End of Star Wars Rebels

As “Star Wars Rebels” approached its fourth season finale, it delicately balanced between providing answers and preserving enigmas. Chronicling the adventures of each crew member during the original trilogy era, the rebels from Lothal embark on a daring mission to infiltrate the Imperial Complex. In a twist of fate, Ezra displays his cunning by anticipating Thrawn’s unexpected arrival. While Kanan’s destiny is unveiled earlier in the season, Ezra’s own path reaches its climax towards the end. The culmination of his outsider’s Journey manifests in a poignant sacrifice as he selflessly puts his life on the line to safeguard his friends and the city of Lothal.

Ezra isn’t the only one facing substantial challenges in “Star Wars Rebels.” Emperor Palpatine himself tempts Ezra, urging him to unlock the gateway to the mysterious World Between Worlds. Meanwhile, Hera’s storyline reaches a climactic peak when it is revealed that she has a son. On the other hand, Sabine joins forces with Ahsoka, determined to locate Ezra and bring him back home after he vanishes as a captive of Thrawn. In a more uplifting turn, Zeb and Kallus find a happier conclusion as they maintain their friendship, with Kallus opting to accompany Zeb to Lira San.

How Star Wars Rebels Changed Thawn’s, Character Journey

While “Star Wars Rebels” predominantly follows Ezra’s narrative, devoted fans couldn’t miss the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn in the show’s third season. Originally introduced in Timothy Zahn’s book series “Heir to the Empire,” Thrawn assumes the role of the primary antagonist in “Rebels” until the climactic Season 4 finale, where his threats to bomb the city lead to Ezra’s selfless sacrifice. However, keen-eyed viewers have observed significant disparities between his portrayal in the show and the original character depicted in Zahn’s novels. Transforming Thrawn from an antihero into a fully-fledged villain, some fans argue that this alteration in “Star Wars Rebels” ultimately does a disservice to the initial portrayal of his morally complex and intriguing nature.

However, there might be a compelling reason behind the significant shift in Thrawn’s character. The Season 4 finale of “Star Wars Rebels” leaves viewers hanging, uncertain of Thrawn’s current whereabouts. Nevertheless, with Ahsoka’s appearance in Season 2 of “The Mandalorian” and the release of Timothy Zahn’s book “Thrawn Ascendancy: Lesser Evil,” it is evident that Thrawn’s story is far from over. The alteration in Thrawn’s demeanor could be part of a nuanced narrative arc designed for the long term, as his allegiance to the Empire is subtly challenged even in “Star Wars Rebels.” Now, a new question emerges within the “Star Wars” universe — if Ahsoka’s intuition proves accurate, what motives lie behind Thrawn’s unexpected return?

Ezra’s Personal Ending is Vague

Among the array of characters in “Star Wars Rebels,” Ezra remains the most enigmatic figure. In the Season 4 finale, his trajectory revolves around sacrifice as he directs the Purrgils to inflict substantial damage upon Thrawn’s approaching fleet. Remarkably, at a mere 15 years old, Ezra’s transformation from a petty thief to a pivotal force against the Empire is nothing short of remarkable. It’s understandable that the creative forces behind “Star Wars” would refrain from concluding his Journey completely, given its profound significance. However, there’s an evident desire to keep the door open for further future exploration of Ezra’s narrative.

The open-ended conclusion of Ezra’s storyline serves as a gateway for the “Star Wars Rebels” narrative to continue through other mediums. As Thrawn prepares for his highly anticipated return, the fate of Ezra’s Journey towards Rebellion heroism and his personal safety remains uncertain. While initial rumors of a sequel series focused on Sabine and Ahsoka’s quest to locate Ezra didn’t materialize, it doesn’t discount the possibility of revisiting that concept in some form in the future, including in the upcoming “Ahsoka” series. The flash-forward glimpsed in the finale’s closing moments, set several years ahead, has fueled speculation among fans, who are convinced that an uneasy alliance has been forged elsewhere.

Hera Was Always a Sure-Fire Bet to Survive

While Ezra may have been the character with the most evident potential for new storylines, Hera’s Journey throughout “Star Wars Rebels” assured fans of her survival alongside the Ghost crew. Serving as the skilled pilot of their starship, Hera already played a vital role in the Rebellion’s formation. Her appearances in “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” and the upcoming “Ahsoka” series further solidify her significance within the broader franchise. In the finale’s flash-forward, it is Sabine’s speech that confirms Hera’s character trajectory, unveiling the revelation that she was pregnant during the closing moments of “Star Wars Rebels” and subsequently giving birth to Jacen, the son of Kanan. This revelation cements Hera’s enduring importance to the “Star Wars” saga.

Hera’s anticipated presence in upcoming “Star Wars” projects paves the way for Jacen, her son, to become a significant character potentially. It’s important to note that this Jacen is distinct from the one found in the old Expanded Universe known as Jacen Solo. Currently, the newborn Jacen has only received a single mention in the canon novel “Victory’s Price.” The potential scope of his character development is vast, as supervising director Dave Filoni explained in an interview with Cinema Blend. Filoni disclosed that subtle hints of Hera’s pregnancy were carefully woven into the series, with small gestures such as her placing her hand on her stomach during specific moments. Although these clues were discreet, they held significance and were purposefully included to build anticipation for Jacen’s future role.

Ahsoka’s Journey Could Tell Us About Her Disney+ Series

While “Star Wars Rebels” concluded several years ago, the current buzz among “Star Wars” fans revolves around Ahsoka. With her own highly anticipated series set to debut in August 2023, Ahsoka’s future endeavors are expected to unfold after the events of “Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi.” Although Ahsoka has made significant appearances in “The Mandalorian,” her Journey in “Star Wars Rebels” offers valuable insights into what lies ahead. Ahsoka’s direct involvement becomes crucial if Ezra is to make a return, as Sabine sought Ahsoka’s assistance in the season finale. This connection between Ahsoka and the events of “Star Wars Rebels” hints at the role she may play in shaping the upcoming narrative.

While the current whereabouts of Ezra remains unknown to us, one of the few potential paths for his return lies in Ahsoka’s hands. Should she decide to unlock the door to the enigmatic World Between Worlds, attempting to extract him before he ventures into hyperspace, the magnitude of the ensuing chaos would be astronomical. Considering the limited plot details available for the upcoming Disney+ series “Ahsoka,” which indicate her confrontation with an emerging menace, it is plausible that this threat could involve Ezra or Thrawn, further intertwining the narratives of the two characters.

Why Ezra and Thrawn Should Probably Be Dead

While it may be comforting to entertain the idea of Ezra’s existence in some ethereal state, the conclusion of the “Stars Wars Rebels” finale strongly suggests that both Ezra and Thrawn met their demise. As the Purrgils were redirected to dismantle Thrawn’s fleet, the peril of Ezra and Thrawn being stranded in hyperspace became alarmingly imminent. Hyperspace, as fans are aware, is lethal to anyone it encounters, leaving the fate of their survival uncertain. Furthermore, Ezra’s enigmatic plan involved leaving a message for his crew, expressing his eagerness to return home, further adding to the ambiguity surrounding their ultimate fate.

While the prospect of death seems probable, certain fans of “Star Wars” have speculated on potential survival scenarios for the duo. One Reddit user, 549632, acknowledges the absence of a logical canon explanation but suggests that Ezra might have attempted a hibernation trance similar to Luke in the book “Darksaber.” Another user, u/JC-Ice, posits that the Purrgils themselves could have provided protection, while u/Tradewinds369 proposes that gateway portals hold the key to unraveling the greatest mystery in “Star Wars Rebels.” Many viewers perceive it as a situation where they “should” be dead rather than definitively “will” be dead.

Sabine’s Ending is the One to Revisit

Sabine’s Journey on “Star Wars Rebels” as the weapons expert aboard the Ghost promised excitement from the start. Throughout the series, with Ezra’s guidance, she honed her leadership abilities, forging the strongest bond among the ship’s crew. Their friendship was unshakable, leading Sabine to make the selfless decision to remain behind and assist Ezra, even though the exact reason behind his reliance on her in his final message remains undisclosed. With Ezra’s disappearance, the spotlight now falls squarely on Sabine, captivating attention, especially considering that she narrates the ultimate destinies of her companions instead of revealing her own.

Following Sabine’s plea to Ahsoka for assistance in locating Ezra, it is evident that the conclusion of “Star Wars Rebels” serves as a foundation for Sabine’s narrative in “Ahsoka.” Several Reddit users have speculated that the upcoming series might potentially reunite the characters from “Rebels,” while the final moments could also influence their future appearances in “The Mandalorian.” Although Sabine and Ahsoka lack a concrete rescue strategy, Sabine carries a lightsaber with the firm intention of returning it to Ezra.

Chopper’s Voice is Revealed

“Star Wars” has a remarkable talent for endowing mechanical entities with an irresistibly adorable charm. Among them is Chopper, or C1-10P, the astromech droid who plays a vital role in maintaining the Ghost. While the finale of the show primarily revolves around the rest of the team, the mystery of Chopper’s voice is unveiled during the closing credits. It turns out that the lovable astromech’s vocals were skillfully provided by series supervising director Dave Filoni, even though the revelation may not have been intentionally shrouded in secrecy.

While it is understandable to maintain a close-knit “Star Wars” family, Dave Filoni ensured that his involvement as the voice behind Chopper remained a well-guarded secret. Filoni shared the backstory behind his unexpected portrayal of the droid during a fan event after the series concluded. He revealed that it wasn’t his original plan to voice Chopper, but he decided to step in due to the urgency of delivering the first short to Disney for review without a final Chopper voice. The recording took place right in the editorial department at Lucasfilm. Filoni had a clear vision of how he wanted the character to be—a likable jerk. However, once the short was screened, Disney CEO Bob Iger expressed his admiration for the little droid, leaving Filoni feeling “stuck” in his role as Chopper’s voice actor.

Rex Survives, But What’s Next?

Amidst the extensive epilogue of the “Star Wars Rebels” finale, one character manages to avoid getting entangled in the intricate details—Rex. Sabine discloses that Rex remains an active participant in the Rebellion and even takes part in the Battle of Endor. This revelation arguably confirms long-held fan speculation that Rex is, in fact, the Rebel Commando known by the nickname “Nik Sant.” Rex’s character possesses a rich legacy, especially considering his significant role in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” Nevertheless, there remains considerable ambiguity surrounding Rex’s future trajectory from this point onward.

As observant fans have noted, Rex is advancing in years, potentially around 82 years old, during Ezra’s disappearance. His age could be a crucial factor that positions him as a martyr for the cause, although some viewers would prefer to see him retire peacefully without excessive drama. While there may not be a definitive plan in place for Rex’s future, Dave Filoni, in an interview with IGN, assured fans that careful consideration is being given to every aspect. He emphasized his approach of always considering the broader scope of “Star Wars” and being mindful of what other creators are working on. Filoni expressed the importance of seeking out small opportunities and ensuring that repetitive narratives are avoided.

What have the Cast and Crew of Rebels Said About the Ending

Following the airing of the “Star Wars Rebels” finale, it’s understandable that viewers were not fully prepared to bid farewell to the series. Consequently, the cast and crew had much to share about their experiences. During an audience Q&A session after a Season 4 fan screening, Dave Filoni shed light on the team’s decision to conclude the show with a significant flash-forward. He expressed his desire for the audience to comprehend that once the Empire was overthrown, there were unfulfilled expectations of a grand battle. Filoni aimed to convey a sense of a satisfying conclusion and dispel the notion that everyone had to meet a tragic fate. He playfully remarked, “So many people are obsessed with everybody dying!”

Regarding the future, the creators maintain a deliberate sense of vagueness. Dave Filoni shared his perspective, acknowledging the abundance of untold stories and his own busy schedule. He emphasized the importance of knowing the essence of a story before bringing it to life. In an interview with /Film, Filoni further elaborated on this approach, which might explain why certain parts of “Star Wars Rebels” deliberately retain an air of ambiguity. He expressed his belief that the best narratives have both endings and beginnings, drawing inspiration from classic imagery of beloved characters riding off into the sunset, reminiscent of cowboys or figures like Indiana Jones. This leaves viewers wondering about the adventures that lie ahead for these characters.

What the Ending of Star Wars Rebels Could Mean for the Franchise

While the conclusion of “Star Wars Rebels” in 2018 marked the end of its specific story, it remains just a small piece within the expansive tapestry of the franchise. As more time passes, one might question the significance of the Ghost Crew to the overall future of “Star Wars.” In some respects, their importance may not be substantial at all. The franchise has the flexibility to continue delving into various aspects of the timeline, as exemplified by the upcoming second season of “Andor” and newly announced films, including the untitled Rey adventure. While it was revealed at Celebration 2023 that Dave Filoni would direct another “Star Wars” film, this doesn’t automatically indicate a direct connection or crossover with his previous work. The franchise can forge ahead, exploring different narratives and characters within its vast universe.

Nevertheless, the narrative trajectory of “Star Wars Rebels” has undeniably positioned its characters to potentially shape the future of upcoming shows and films. This is especially evident in the case of “The Mandalorian” and “Ahsoka,” which seamlessly fit within the timeline of the series and have already introduced key characters from “Rebels.” It appears highly probable that “Ahsoka” will delve into Sabine and Ahsoka’s mission to rescue Ezra from his near-hyperspace ordeal, delving deeper into the enigma of how Ezra managed to endure during his prolonged absence. These upcoming projects hold significant promise in expanding upon the events set in motion by “Star Wars Rebels.”

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