Celebration vs. Deconstruction: Which is the Right Path for the DCEU?

Zack Snyder's movies adapted from DC Comics properties were divisive, to say the least (Watchmen), but the director does (or did?) have a vision for the DC Extended Universe. That vision began in the DCEU's first two movies, with the deconstruction of two of the shared universe's core characters, Batman and Superman.

Unfortunately, the movies were rather poorly received by the majority of fans and critics, most of whom felt that tearing the characters apart to build them up later wasn’t a recipe for success. Geoff Johns, current co-runner of the DCEU and co-chairman of DC Films, intervened here. Rumor has it that he's also replaced Snyder in handling the shared universe's creative vision.

Geoff Johns (Comic Vine)

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Johns commented on the way in which the characters were represented in the first two DCEU movies. As Deborah Snyder said, neither the fans nor the larger audience was prepared for this iteration. So Johns proposed a different approach that celebrates the characters in a realistic world, rather than deconstructing them:

So there are people that love it, and understand it, and embrace it. And then there are people who don’t know that. You want to help them learn it, and you want to tell them why a certain storyline for a certain character might not work. Or why a take on a character who might not work, or what Superman really should be.

But the whole thing is to craft and shape the story and the tone to fit the character. And to celebrate the character, instead of deconstruct the character. I think you want to celebrate the character, because you’ve got to celebrate something and build it up, I think, to really make it into something that represents who that character truly is (Screen Rant).

Zack Snyder (Screen Geek)

Snyder’s vision was risky, and it didn’t pay off for the studio to a certain degree. However, it was something different. Now, after being deconstructed, Superman’s arrival in Justice League seems to be the highlight of the film, as the Man of Steel becomes a symbol of hope before our very eyes.

We feel that these steps were necessary, not only because they helped build the shared universe, but also because the payoff is much bigger now.

What do you think? Which path is better?

Superman (Collider)

In addition, do you believe that Zack Snyder’s role in the building of the DC Extended Universe has diminished even further?