Captain America: Civil War - Female Heroes Focused On In New Featurette!

Thirteen heroes in Captain America: Civil War, how many of them are female, how many got a vital role to play?

Well, Bruce Wayne might not have asked that but someone must have! Just three out of the thirteen heroes, that we are sure about making an appearance, in the upcoming May 6 release are female. Whether they have significant roles or not is to be answered after the movie hits the theaters.

But for now you must know that the movie’s latest featurette has the trio on the spotlight! Yes, Marvel has released a new Captain America: Civil War featurette titled “In Good Company” which focuses on Black Widow, Sharon Carter and Scarlet Witch. The three actresses who are playing these three female heroes explain their characters in this clip.

Black Widow Black Widow (Screenshot from the Captain America: Civil War featurette)

Right at the beginning, Scarlett Johansson states that her Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, is “a bit torn between either side” in the upcoming Russo Brothers flick. She adds:

With Cap they really have a relationship where she wants to reason with him. But she sees Tony as a path of least resistance.

Sharon Carter Sharon Carter (Screenshot from the featurette)

Emily VanCamp, the actress who plays Sharon Carter, aka Agent 13, says that she’s “really glad” to be a part of Captain America: Civil War. About her character, she states:

Sharon Carter, she's a little sassier. We get to do a little bit of fighting in this, it's awesome.

Emily’s character made her sole appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the last Captain America installment, The Winter Soldier. She didn’t have much of a screen time or importance in that movie. But, we hope that she’s got a bigger role here.

Scarlet Witch Scarlet Witch (Screenshot from the featurette)

Scarlet Witch cast Elizabeth Olsen says the following about her character:

What I like about Wanda is the idea of her being terrified of her own abilities. It's really fun to play with.

The featurette concludes with Scarlett Johansson saying:

There's been a few moments where you kind of look around and go, 'Oh I'm in good company. This is rad.'

The ending justifies the title, doesn’t it? Check it out below!

Any question about the new Captain America: Civil War featurette?

Church scene in Captain America: Civil War This is the question! (Screenshot from the featurette)

There’s this snippet of new footage in the new Captain America: Civil War featurette featuring Cap and Natasha in a church (as you can see in the above screenshot). Is this a part of the rumored funeral scene we heard about? I definitely think it is!

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