Best Flash Villains

Many people would call Batman the hero with the greatest villains. Some would argue that it’s Spider-Man. I would disagree completely. If I’m picking one hero with incredible villains, if I’m picking one rogues gallery that I’d call my personal favorite, I’d go with the Flash Rogues, no doubt. Hands down, no contest, the villains of Central and Keystone City have my heart firmly in their grasp. I mean, knowing them, they probably stole it, but still. And so, without any further ado, here are the top fifteen best Flash Villains. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss ‘em.

15. The Trickster II

You know that kid from high school you hated? You know, the one who wanted to be class clown but was really just loud and annoying? Axel Walker is the ultimate “that kid”.

Most DC mantles are passed down from the current hero or villain to a handpicked successor. Not Trickster. James Jesse did not pass his mantle down to Axel; Axel just stole all of James’ gear and struck out on his own as the new Trickster. At the time he took over, James had reformed and was working for the FBI, leaving the villainous Trickster mantle open for the taking.

However, even if he still had been a villain, he never would’ve handed down the mantle to someone like Axel. Axel is violent and dangerous and does not play by the same set of rules as the other Rogues. Although he has successfully taken his predecessor’s place among the Rogues, the team has never truly let him off the leash.

Because he’s a jerk.