Avengers: Infinity War - Working Title Disclosed!

The Russo Brothers may have impressed everyone with Captain America: Civil War earlier this year, but they can't be feeling very relaxed at the moment. How can they be when they’ve shouldered the huge responsibility of directing two of Marvel Studio’s biggest movies to come – Avengers: Infinity War and the untitled fourth Avengers installment?

The two Marvel Cinematic Universe installments are scheduled to arrive in theaters almost exactly a year apart (May 4, 2018 and May 3, 2019), so the film making duo will have to film the movies back-to-back.

With production expected to kick off in January 2017 at Georgia’s Pinewood Atlanta Studios, the working title for Avengers: Infinity War has surfaced on the web. According to Production Weekly, the Russo Brothers' venture is operating under the working title Mary Lou.

This is a bit different compared with the titles of the first two Avengers movies, which were directed by Joss Whedon. While the 2012 installment used the working title Group Hug, the 2015 installment used After Party.

While a working title usually doesn’t bear much significance, knowing it helps us trace various details on the particular movie during its production, such as casting calls. Avengers: Infinity War is perhaps the most awaited superhero movie to date, and we know very little about what it has in store for us, so anything related to the movie has to be important.

As far as we know, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are still not finished with the final draft of the Avengers: Infinity War script. All we know is that the majority of the MCU superheroes, if not all, will be brought together to face down the threat of Josh Brolin’s Thanos. But with production beginning soon, and its cover already blown, we can expect to know more about the movie in the coming months.

Thanos will be doing it by himself in Avengers: Infinity War! Thanos will be doing it by himself in Avengers: Infinity War! (Photo Credit - Tumblr)

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