Two Avengers: Infinity War TV Spots and One New Still!

A couple of new Avengers: Infinity War TV spots packed with fresh footage - plus a new still of some of the movie's myriad of superheroes - just popped up online.

In the film's latest trailerGamora informed Iron Man about the level of havoc Thanos is capable of just by snapping his fingers, and the Mad Titan confirms this in one of the newer spots:

You're strong, but I can snap my fingers, and you'd all cease to exist.

The 30-second promotional video also spotlights a conversation between two "Sherlock Holmeses":

Doctor StrangeI looked forward in time to see all the possible outcomes.

Iron ManDid we win any?

Finally, the ad offers never-before-seen glimpses of Scarlet Witch and Black Widow, and then wraps up with this chilling remark from Thanos:

It's a small price to pay...for salvation.

Here it is in its entirety!

The second spot is only half as long as the first, but it provides a brief shot of  an Iron Spider-clad Spider-Man that's a treat to see. Check it out below!

Meanwhile, USA Today released a brand new Infinity War still of the Science Bros (Tony Stark and Bruce Banner) and the Magic Bros (Doctor Strange and Wong) standing together on a wrecked street in New York City. The website also published a brief interview with Robert Downey, Jr., who's making his ninth appearance as Iron Man in the April 27 release. Here's a quote:

The only thing we haven't tried is someone who is unbeatable. For me, it's really basic in my own midlife existential crisis, as usual. I just go, "There it is, no one here gets out alive." It's like a Jim Morrison lyric.

Check out the new still!

New Avengers: Infinity War still featuring some of the heroes in New York City New Avengers: Infinity War still (Photo Credit - USA Today/Marvel)

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