Avengers 4 Revisits a Key Moment in 2012’s Avengers

The Avengers faced their first big foe in 2012. To nobody’s surprise, it was Loki, Thor’s brother, who had come to Earth to bring everybody to his or her knees. But it was revealed that Loki was actually just one of the villains the Mad Titan employed to gather the Infinity Stones. The movie ended with Thor transporting Loki to Asgard.

Apparently, there's a flashback scene in Avengers 4 that will revisit a key moment from 2012's film. Minor spoilers may follow!

The Avengers (Marvel)

In the most recent pics from the Avengers 4 set, Thor sports his classic costume and signature golden locks, but no eyepatch. A battered Tony Stark and Tom Hiddleston’s body double wearing the muzzle Loki wore at the end of the first Avengers movie can also be seen in these pics.

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Of course, Tom Hiddleston was also present on the set, although he apparently arrived later. He's wearing the same suit and muzzle as the body double. Chris Hemsworth appears in the pics, too.

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Of course, we believe that this is a flashback scene, which could further explain Loki's role in Thanos’ plan. However, by the time Avengers 4 arrives, the Mad Titan will have already gathered all of the Infinity Stones. So this could also be a display of his god-like powers. Maybe time-travel will become a thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe,

Loki's return to Asgard (Marvel)