Amazing Spider-Games Pt. 2: Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time

Hello folks and welcome back to my little look at the recent history of great Spider-Man games. YOU CAN READ PART ONE HERE, where I established the premise and looked at the first two games I wanted to cover. Ultimate Spider-Man is an all time classic and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows was a stumbling follow up with a misguided premise.

Today, we’re checking out the first two games produced by Beenox, which are actually two of a pair! One is a sequel to the other. A stripped back, disappointing, studio damaging sequel. We’ll get to that. These games are built off of the extended universe of alternate Spider-Man stories. Both games feature our classic web slinger as well as the far off future Spidey of 2099, Miguel O’Hara. Shattered Dimensions mixes in two additional Spiders-Man, the grim dark Spider-Man Noir, and our old friend Ultimate Spider-Man. Other than that though, they’re pretty different. Not just in terms of quality, but in terms of characters, and even structure.

So let’s go folks, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.


10. Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions: The Story

In Shattered Dimensions, Spider-Man manages to stop Mysterio from stealing an all powerful tablet, but the fight results in it shattering across four alternate earths.

So Madame Web draws four Spider-Men together to recover the pieces from twelve supervillains who’ve each stolen a piece, granting them new powers. The Spider-Men recover the majority of the tablet and then team up to do battle against Mysterio in a dimension spanning fight to the finish.

As a plot, it’s mostly an excuse to loosely connect a smattering of different fights in a variety of locations.  Each Spider-Man has a loose plot arc as well kinda. Spider-Man Noir is tracking a criminal enterprise that leads back to Norman Osborn, Spider-Man 2099 is delving into the evil being done by Alchemax, Ultimate Spidey is trying to figure out the new Venom symbiote bonded to him, and Amazing Spider-Man is… uh… I guess just trying to catch Mysterio. Look, again it’s an excuse to do story stuff. We should all be aware of this already.