A Spider-Man Games Retrospective Part 1: Ultimate Spider-Man and Web of Shadows

Hiya there folks, since I’ve been obsessively playing PS4’s Spider-Man all week I got myself into a very Spider-Man mood. And I thought, hey, we’ve had a heck of a lot of recent Spider-Man video games, and I played literally all of them because I’m a huge dork.

So I decided to look at the last 6 of them before the current one (with some exceptions to simplify things). Starting with 2005’s Earth 1610 based Ultimate Spider-Man and the Venomized Web of Shadows in this article. Next time, we’ll cover the alternate dimension jaunt Shattered Dimensions and its sequel Edge of Time. In part three, we’ll go Amazing with the first and second Amazing Spider-Man games.

And then, after all that’s said and done, we will conclude with a solo look at the new PS4 title and how it compares to the rest. What, no this isn’t a way for me to buy myself some time to finish playing the new Spidey Game. Shut up. We will begin with our first pair of games, which I’d list as chapter one: Venom games. Each game will be broken down into five categories. The Story, The Gameplay, The Characters, The Flaws, and Overall Thoughts.

Source: youtube.com

10. Ultimate Spider-Man: The Story

2005’s Ultimate Spider-Man was, for a long time, up there with Spider-Man 2 as “the best Spider-Man game of all time”.

I had that good old Blockbuster experience with it as a young’un (renting it, playing it obsessively until I got stuck, having to return it frustrated) but then something magical happened. I became an adult with disposable income. And so I finally bought a copy of the game for my Gamecube and sat with it until I beat it.

The game picks up with the final scene of the Venom story from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, seeing Eddie Brock electrocute himself and vanish. From there though, we are able to play as Spider-Man and Venom as they both make their way through New York, crossing paths and trying to track each other down. Along the way, they cross paths with numerous villains and heroes from the Ultimate Comics universe.

It all leads up to a final battle between the two, Spider-Man saves the day from the symbiote, but Venom winds up getting his revenge on who he believed caused his father’s death anyway. Like most Spider-Man games, the plot is more of an excuse to fight a buncha random villains.