Actors Who Played Multiple Comic Book Characters

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman as Jane Foster Natalie Portman as Jane Foster

Man, I wish we could get Natalie Portman back into those Thor movies. Hell, give her the hammer for a bit; I’m sure she’d be up for it.
Of late, Portman has played the wonderful Jane Foster, a researcher who falls for and assists the God of Thunder, the mighty Thor. I like Foster a lot in those movies, even Thor: The Dark World, which is the worst movie in the MCU. She has a talent for playing great parts in not-awesome movies.

Speaking of which, V for Vendetta. The adaptation may miss everything about the original comic, right down to casting Evey as being way too old, but Portman gives her an innocence that strikes a chord with the comic. It’s a weird movie, and there’s a lot to hate about it, but Evey is not one of those hate-able things.

Plus, Portman got to be in the first Thor, a fantastic movie in which she does a great job. As the straight man to Thor’s charm, she helps to strike a great balance for their relationship.