Actors Who Played Multiple Comic Book Characters

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex

I like Josh Brolin. He's good in many things.
Unfortunately, this poor dude has been in some dreck. He signed to play Cable in the upcoming Deadpool 2, which should be a great role. Brolin playing up the straight man thing to Ryan Reynolds’ wackier Deadpool will be a good time. And while he hasn’t had much of a chance to show it off, his limited appearances tell me he’ll be a pretty rad Thanos. I’m looking forward to watching him in the upcoming Avengers film. It’ll be great!!

Buuuuuuut his other two parts have been lesser than. Jonah Hex was one of the forgotten pre-DCEU DC movies that managed to screw up so much at such a deep level by giving its protagonist superpowers for literally no reason. Just make him Jonah Hex. People like Jonah Hex. People don’t need him to talk to the dead or whatever.

Also, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was a boring, deeply uninteresting slog. Brolin was cast as Dwight, by far the least interesting of Sin City’s revolving band of protagonists. The combination wasn’t pretty.

He also played a young Agent Kay in the lackluster, but still better than the second one, Men in Black threequel. But hey, Cable and Thanos are great roles!