Actors Who Played Multiple Comic Book Characters

Will Smith

Will Smith as Deadshot Will Smith as Deadshot

As we progress into the new Willennium (as he referred to it), Will Smith’s career seems to be on a downturn. He starred in the two worst movies of 2016 (Collateral Beauty and Suicide Squad), and one only hopes he’ll get back to more fun movies. Movies like Men in Black, for instance.
MIB is one of those movies most people don’t know was based on a comic book. But it was! The Men in Black comic is a lot darker and more insane than the film. For instance, in the films, Agent Jay only handled alien life. His comic book counterpart was responsible for handling aliens, demons, zombies, mutants, werewolves, and a buncha other weirdness. Also, Jay and Kay (and comic book-only characters Zed and Ecks) are kinda creepily authoritarian in the comics. They aren’t the good guys.

The comic book MIB didn’t merely neutralize those who witnessed their actions. They executed them. FUN!

Smith’s other comic book role was that of Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot, in 2016’s Suicide Squad. While he’s less aloof than, and lacks the charm of, his Ostrander and Yale-written comics counterpart, he’s still detached and loves murder, so there we go. Smith’s performance actually isn’t bad, one just wishes he was written a little better.

He played James Darrell Edwards III, aka Agent J, in all three Men in Black movies.

Will Smith also played an alcoholic superhero named John Hancock in the 2008 movie Hancock, but that wasn’t based on a comic book character.