5 Physically Weaker DC Characters Who Could (Easily) Defeat The Hulk

We recently published an article about Marvel characters who could beat Superman - and it got a lot of people talking, both in the site's comments section and on Facebook. With that in mind, we thought we'd try an article of a similar nature, but taking one of Marvel's flagship powerhouses and picking DC characters who could beat him.

That character is the Hulk, but we've decided to give the article a twist; the characters we have picked to defeat him will be considerably weaker than him physically.

The point is, it's not all about physical strength when it comes to power in comic books and this article will highlight that. On that note, here are five physically weaker DC characters who could (easily) defeat the Hulk.

Note: This will be focusing on straight-up fights with each character giving it their all. No preparation involved, no unnecessary holding back. These guys can beat the Hulk fair and square with ease.


The key word here is speed.

There are, of course, a number of Flashes, but we'll be focusing on classic Wally West for the purposes of this entry - and the fact is that Hulk couldn't lay a finger on any of them in a straight-up fight.


Let's just look at Wally's speed. In the image below (click it to enlarge), a North Korean city is victim to a nuclear bomb. 0.00001 seconds after it detonates, its half a million population are all safely evacuated to a hilltop 35 miles away. Wally West had carried every single one of them there in that time. Hulk would, quite literally, be like a statue to him.

However, you might be thinking West doesn't have the power to hurt Hulk. You'd be wrong. Not only could Flash land billions of punches to Hulk's head before he had processed a neuron (which would knock him out), he also possesses a power known as the Infinite Mass Punch, which can hit with the power of a dwarf star.


Not only is Hulk a statue to Flash to begin with, Flash also has the speed-steal option. Should Flash inexplicably decide that Hulk might actually land a punch on him, he could steal any speed the green monster does possess, literally rendering him statuesque.

And then there's the fact that Flash can become intangible by vibrating his molecules. Not only does this make it impossible for a brute like the Hulk to land a hit on him, it also gives him the power to phase through objects, which can result in said object (the Hulk, perhaps?) exploding.